Thursday, October 06, 2005

I believe I can ...

IMG_2292, originally uploaded by Vinu.

there are moments in life when you wonder whether you should give up, whether you can trust someone one, whether you are strong enough to over come the coming challenges ...

Thats when the 'going get rough, let the rough get going'. Always believe in yourself. Always believe things are happening for the best. And remember:

"Life is beautiful" ... and it will always be beautiful .. aha!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

smile please

Pictures 012, originally uploaded by Vinu.

Believe me - this is a gem! Taking a snap of pritish (my roomate) has been a challenging task for me. you have to wait for the moment. I have taken too many shots.

Though I was waiting for the shot to be taken. I think the smile and also the relaxed look into the camera I think is sheer luck. Of course, I take credit for the composition and lighting.

Research group at Berkeley

group, originally uploaded by Vinu.

This most of my Friends who are/were working with Alice in the BEST lab at UC berkeley. Wonderful group. Fun, exciting as well as bunch of people doing varied things.

I loved the place as I was exposed to lot of new research directions. I should agree that variety and change are spice of life. And I was constantly learning something apart from my classes and my own research.